A Guide On How To Buy An Alkaline Water Machine

Are you about to purchase an alkaline water machine? If yes, then this is exactly the place you need to be. We do a thorough research of the product we are about to buy then why not when it comes to our health? Before getting yourself an equipment it is important to d a quick research in the market to understand which product is superior. In terms of a water purifier that too an alkaline one, here are some parameters you must base your judgment on.

Review its key features
Make sure to understand how better it is with its most important features like the filters and the plates. In filters, there are two types available. Single and double. If the water you receive is relatively pure just out of an RO system, then a single filter will do just fine. If however, it comes straight from the tap, double filters would be an ideal choice. For plates, there are many options available. Solid, mesh and slotted. For durability and ease of cleaning, we suggest solid plates. The mesh and slotted plates are cheap and lightweight but the solid plates give your purifier a longer lifespan. Also, the more plates it has, the better ionizer it is but to a certain point where it maxes out. Seven plates are the optimum number of plates that ionize the water.

ORP/pH Range
You will need a machine that is able to provide both acidic and basic water. This means the pH range for the machine you select should be around 4-11. Also, the ORP should be in negative and must have a value of around 800. ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is the number of electrons stored in the water. The higher the range the better. This means that the capacity of the ionized water to reduce free radicals that speed up the aging process is more.

Reputation and Warranty
A relatively small but important point to take care. See if the company you are buying the machine from has a reputation for quality or not. Check if they provide any warranty benefits or not. Here are some pointers you can keep in mind.

  • Does the company have an ISO 9000 certification,
  • Does it provide warranty on both defects and repairs,
  • Does the company hold product quality certifications,
  • What are the company’s associations,
  • And lastly, its Customer service ratings.

Self-cleaning machines are an added advantage
This is especially helpful if you live in an area with hard water supply. The machine cleans itself when it turns on or off. This saves a lot of manual labor and along with keeping itself clean, it gets rid f the calcium residues formed in the insides. When the plates are cleaned regularly, the system has less strain and the lifespan is automatically lengthened.

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