Reverse Osmosis Gym Membership And Make Your Water Stronger

Ever heard of a reverse osmosis gym? Probably not because gyms are supposed to make people stronger, right?

Wrong! Even the house water needs a little help to be of the best quality and a reverse osmosis gym is all it needs! When you by a purifier empowered by RO, it means you are empowering your water to be better.

How does this gym work?

Reverse Osmosis works on the basic concept of different levels of pressures. This process involves transferring a solvent from one side of a porous membrane to others in a direction opposite to the natural osmosis. This is done with the help of external hydrostatic pressure which is more than normal osmotic pressure. This passage of the solvent through the membrane is filtered where the contaminants are trapped on the side of the porous material. The process has proven to be effective in eliminating lead, chlorine, organic particles and undesirable salts which makes the water strong giving you the best results. It has at least 3 stages,

  • A pre-filter: To treat the hard water and avoid corrosion of the membrane. This also filters sediments.
  • The membrane: To filter TDS, organic and inorganic substances, chlorine, lead, Sulphur and magnesium molecules.
  • Carbon filter: To get rid of excess chlorine, smell and give a sweet taste.

What are the benefits of subscribing to one such gym?

Here is how this gym is beneficial for everyone,

  1. The Reverse Osmosis gym is by far the most economical method of removing 90-98% of water contaminants just like exercise removes toxic material from our body.
  2. Like set reps meant to lessen that extra fat, RO membranes are the weapons designed to eliminate contaminant particles, sediments, dissolved salts, microorganisms like bacteria and other substances like chlorine, Sulphur etc.
  3. Not only salts, but RO systems also have a process to exclude ions.
  4. Usually, RO systems are also equipped with carbon filters (toning exercises for the water) which ensure that the bad smell and odor caused due to chlorine are gone and the water is good to taste.
  5. Reverse Osmosis systems are easy to install, have a higher efficiency rate and require minimum maintenance. This gym membership is very economical too!
  6. Moreover, unlike other gyms for people, this subscription is actually an investment. If you take enough care at home by maintaining the system, the membership runs longer, which means it does not have an expiry date.

What would be the cost of subscribing one?

It basically depends on what shape your current water is in. After careful examination and water analysis, our experts design amazing regimens and exercises for your water that comes in compact packages. Each package has a different purpose and so, rates differ but not too much. If your water needs just fitness exercises like the usual elimination of contaminated elements, we suggest you buy the 3-Stage RO Filter package that is best suited and comes at a price of only $174.95 that gives you a warranted 1-year membership. Amazing right?

If you are more into muscle building and body toning, 4-stage RO is the best and for the intense bodybuilding workout that includes the elimination of contaminants and remineralization of your water, 5-stage RO is the one to be taken. This one is guaranteed to help you complete your water workout goals with special attention and more workout procedures.

Where can I Subscribe, err Buy one?

Where else? Here at Ampac USA, our skilled trainers ensure your selected gym product gives you’re the best results for your water. With over 28 years of experience in training water across the globe to be stronger for our customers, we have achieved the trust of all our clients. From individual fitness training for residential water to bodybuilding and competing on an international level for industries, we have all ranges of products.

Take the water strength test today and get to know how your water strength fares as compared to Reverse Osmosis Gym subscribed water. Ready to get yourself a membership? Contact us today!

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