Many times you might have caught yourself wondering “Is there any Alkaline Water near me?” The answer is positive almost all the time. Alkaline Water is the new trend today that has caught up with companies which have resulted in bottled products providing you with the same. This has also been made available from purifiers that have additional filters to add a little basicity to it. But how can you find a reliable source of Alkaline Water near you?

In recent years, people have become a little skeptical against the water supplied through taps afraid of the toxins present in it. Reverse Osmosis now does not seem to quench the thirst of a product which is healthier and super pure. Alkaline Water provides the assurance that everybody needs. Having a slightly higher basicity, this is very effective as an antioxidant because it contains high levels of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). The resulting product is known to be beneficial in many aspects including an anti-aging agent, boosting immunity, encouraging bone health and more. Its advantages are not hidden from the world making it a prime choice for consuming. Keeping this in mind many companies have started selling Alkaline Water bottles to unsuspecting customers for thousands of dollars when it can actually be harmful.

Bottles are not always the best
A lot of bottle making companies say that the products they provide have pure water in them. But bottles themselves are known to pollute the element inside them. We all know that bottles are a by-product of the petroleum industry. The petrochemicals Phthalate and BPA which are used to manufacture plastic containers are known, cancer-inducing agents. Add to these the product itself which is alkaline in nature can cause a huge health problem. Alkaline bottled water absorbs these chemicals that reach our body after consumption, causing disruption in the endocrine system and interfering with the hormonal system.

Make it at home!
You can also make your own alkaline water right at home! Using pH drops that are easily available in the market, or using baking soda it is possible to achieve the desired results. However, one cannot guarantee the consistency of alkalinity in the final outcome as the beverage is prepared manually and even a slight difference in pH can turn into a health nightmare.

Get yourself an Alkaline Water machine
These machines cost thousands of dollars to be straight but as an investment in health are far better than bottles. Not only this, these if maintained over time can go on for years providing you with the water you need. The most attractive part is that it comes without the disadvantages and health hazards of bottled water and produces fresh drinking beverage at any time. The machine is at your disposal and can be found almost anywhere near you. Ampac USA has a variety of Alkaline Water Filters that are effective in giving you what you require.

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